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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 16, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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and susan boil. that's what's making news in one of the most tragic fires in baltimore history, ten years later we remember the dawson family. this morning, grainy picture could lead to the arrest in the murder of a respected researcher. the latest on the search for the killer. the president and gop challenger, get ready to take questions from undecided voters. good morning maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. a lot of rain fell yesterday. you might be wondering what you need as you head out the door. >> let's check in with lynette.
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the front passed. we are feeling it this morning. on the cool side. we have breezy conditions making it feel cooler. the breezes will stick with us throughout the day, behind the cold front. dry now, a far cry from yesterday afternoon, we will stay dry as we go through the day. stepping out the door. this is what you can expect. ijamsville 50 degrees. catonsville 48. elkton 50 degrees. as we look at the planner, we will be chilly when you are waking up. mostly sunny skies around 10:00, 11:00, that trend will continue in to lunchtime with the high today around 65. we will be below average. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. glad to see the rain is gone. 95 this morning, be aware of construction that's blocking the off ramp to southbound route 295, jfx to get downtown, no delays from the beltway to
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fayette street. as we look outside, at the beltway, here at liberty, everything is moving along, no delays heading towards 95, this is what the beltway looks like. the good news will continue, not too much congestion. not too many cars, no problems towards towson. meagan and charlie over to you. today is ten years since the dawson family was killed in a house fire. we are once again seeing the community rally together, this time in support of another family going through something similar. several towing companies lifted the spirits of a family following a fire that killed five family members. the call came out from knockout towing and rights towing service. they got a few trucks to surround the home. they raised money and presented the family donations for her daughter to help cover the
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funeral expenses. >> without support, we would be lost. >> a lot of people get bad names. we are here to help. >> all victims will be buried together. that's thursday. if you are interested we have information on how you can donate to the family. we posted it on our website at crime that claimed the lives of adults and children. you can honor victims of domestic violence. the vigil will be in bel air tonight at 6:00. [technical difficulties] [no audio] [technical difficulties] october is domestic violence awareness month. taking some of the top stories this morning, happy ending for two veterinarians who disappeared while hiking in the national park. they were found yesterday afternoon, the pair were from maryland and now live in
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virginia. they disappeared friday. rescue workers spent days searching before locating them. they had no injuries and had been reunited with families. he was kill while doing something most of us do each day. he was walking from his car to his home in northeast baltimore. a month after his death, police may have a break. this surveillance photo comes from a camera close to the crime scene northeast baltimore. two men are running away, one may have something under his left arm. marvin's friends are hoping this photo could lead to an arrest. >> it appears to be a hopeful break in the case. >> if you recognize the men, police ask you to call them 410- 396-2100. who will you connect with tonight, president obama or
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mitt romney. torey duncan is in new york where it looks like both candidates could face an up hill battle. >> reporter: we are inside the debate hall. tonight mitt romney and president obama will face off here for a second time. the format is town hall style. the questions will come from voters, uncommitted voters from the state of new york. i asked the moderator what she is looking for when picking the questions. >> tell me something new. stun me with a different answer. we want to take questions of what folks are asking about. what about this and that. >> reporter: critics said president obama wasn't aggressive enough. it is going to be tough for him to attack mitt romney in this type of format. the knock against romney is what he is not able to connect with the average american, tonight he will get the opportunity to do just that.
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the election is a few weeks away, today is the last day to register to vote. it's the last day you can update your address information or request a new polling place. you have until 9:00 tonight. if you miss the deadline you cannot vote in the upcoming election. head to on this tuesday morning, time for a check of the forecast k rains blew through yesterday afternoon, like lynette said. >> we need it, maybe that made a dent. let's see what we are in for. half of an inch of rainfall. it's out of here nows as we look across the nation, areas of unsettled weather. we can see it across the pacific northwest and upper midwest, we are dealing with rain showers. closer to home, the showers off in to the sea, as we have the cold front across the area as well. we are trying to scour out maryland and we will do so as we head through the rest of the
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day. plenty of sunshine in here, get out and enjoy it. don't do it without a jacket. especially this morning, we can see the temperatures coming in the upper 40s in northville. sparrows point 51. 49 annapolis. chesapeake 52. fred ralesburg 52. we are dealing with breezy conditions out there this morning as well. those temperatures that you are feeling are feeling a little bit cooler because we have the winds to the west, and baltimore coming in 6, 5 dc, 12 easton, a bit breezier across the area. if you are traveling towards the west, we can see the winds sustained at 5-10 miles per hour. the winds will be with us as we head throughout the day. so will the sunshine. big win on sunday comes at a huge price for the baltimore ravens. a star line backer helped shape the franchise, now out for the season. how important is it to monitor your child's internet use? turns out the gaming
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systems could be just as dangerous as things like facebook.
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thank you for staying with us, ray lewis and ravens go hand in hand. the heart and soul of the franchise since arriving 17 years ago. now we watch football on this sunday and more to come, you are not going to see number 52 out there, lewis is out for the rest of the season. star line backer left the game with a triceps injury. >> i feel great about the chance to fill in. that's something we have been able to do in the past. that's what you have to do.
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that's going to do what we are able to accomplish this year. >> web is out for the remainder of the year and tore an acl in his left knee sunday. today students at hilton elementary are going to get a huge surprise, a raven will show up to congratulate them on eating right and getting 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. the surprise raven will be working out with the kids and answering questions about fitness and diet. we will show you who is showing up at hilton later on in the day. if you want a chance to meet the raven, this is your opportunity. ed dixson will be available for fans, you have to do a good deed. grab a canned good and head to car biz on reisterstown road between 6:00 and 7:00, the cans
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collect willed go towards the maryland food bank. one of the hottest topics of conversations on twitter. joans is thinking about moving to maryland permanently. he tweeted yesterday and it's blown up from fans to the state. jones replied back saying he can't believe how big of a deal this has become and added a lot of places on monday and said he was impressed. stay tuned. we will find out if he is going to be moving to charm city. this is a hot topic on our facebook page. we want you to tell us where he should buy. head to, let us know what you think. you keep your kids off of sites like facebook, worried about how they will come in contact with other people.
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what agout gaming systems, play stations or x box? you may think twice after you hear this story. four children in iowa have gone missing, their mother of one of them, corey, says he met his girlfriend, playing x box games on line, and believe it is two plan to runaway together. two are from iowa, the two girls are from shellsburg, nearby four hours away, they have been gone since saturday. the mom kept corey off of facebook because she didn't want him to meet people on line never realizing her son could do the same thing on x box. police believe the teens maybe headed to a skate board show in florida. they were seen driving a jeep cherokee without a license plate. they could be on their way to florida for a skate board show. if you are worried about what you need to know, go on line, it's easy to do, step by step
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provided by nintendo, sony, they tell you what you need to know to keep your kids safe on line. google things like x box on line safety. time for a check on your commute as wells that weather for today. loren cook will let you know how the roads are looking. >> we are dealing with construction across the region. more on that coming up in a bit. hopefully the rain is gone for good. >> at least for today it is. the cooler temperatures are moving in and breezy again. as you head out the door, grab the jacket. leave the rain gear at home. see the rain pushing off to the sea and atlantic, cloud cover, hovering across the area. we will begin to have high pressure move in behind the cold front. we will deal with cooler air and breezier conditions for today. now, temperature in glen burnie, 49 degrees, easton 53. woodbine 48. the winds west at 5-10 miles an
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hour. we will see gusts up to 20-25 miles an hour for today. hold on to the hat. let's take you to the tropics, we are dealing with hurricane rafael. the winds sustained at 85 miles an hour, it's moving fairly quickly. the forward momentum to the knot, northeast at 4 miles an hour, category one hurricane now, and its pushing away from the u.s. that's what we like to see. future trend not going to pick up on a lot for today. too many high pressure building in. thursday evening we have a chance for showers to move in to the picture. today 65 degrees, we should be at 67 for this time of the year. we will be a little bit below that. it's going to be mostly clear and chilly. 42 and by tomorrow 67. nice and seasonable. the seven-day forecast brings warmer weather in as we go in to thursday, we chance for showers, thursday and friday. the weekend looks good. looking at the komen race, nice and dry with sunshine in the
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forecast. let's get a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. good morning, if you are traveling on 95 this morning, watchout for the construction i was telling you about, blocking the off ramp to southbound route 295, all in all, no delays if you are heading to the airport or down to dc, if you are heading northbound, towards the tunnels, that will remain clear. howard county, no problems on interstate 70 from columbia pike over to 695, as we check this and look at the northwest corner of 695, here at old court road, traffic along, no delays towards route 40. this is what the harrisburg expressway looks like. no concerns from shawan down to the beltway. remaining clear once you get onto the jfx. that's a look at the time saver traffic. five things to know on this tuesday morning inner harbor littered with victims, crime scene tape and emergency
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responders. it's a simulated terrorist attack. emergency personnel will learn how to handle mass casualties in a high-rise building. a speaker series, focusing on the challenge of globalization. the event is sold out. parks and rec department working on a plan for pool system, beginning today, it's going hold a series of public hearings and meetings to talk about the pool conditions and ways to improve them. the meeting takes place at 6:30. baltimore is one of the best cities when it comes to trick or treating. they rated cities on the amount of candy , the population and safety. baltimore took the 20th spot, washington dc, in at number 10. the numb one spot for trick or treating is san francisco. tickets for preakness are available through ticket which replaced ticket
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master and call the preakness ticket office she was a mother, fed up with drugs in her neighborhood and as a result, he house was set afire killing all family members. >> on this sad anniversary, we look at how the community changed. sherrie johnson joins us at the site of the safe haven center. >> reporter: we are here on east presston street, people will gather tonight to remember the dawson family. it's been ten years since their lives were taken. today, people are going to commemorate and honor the family. it was known as one of the worst tragedies in baltimore's history on october 16th, 2002, the home of cornell and angela dawson was fire bombed. mr. and mrs. dawson and their five children died in the fire.
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neighbors, and community leaders and faith based groups worked to build a monument at 1401 east preston street where we are now. that monument has become the dawson safe haven for children and families. i have pam carter joining me live, the director of the center, thank you for being here up early with us. tell us about what is going on tonight. >> tonight, will be the 10th memorial celebration in memory of the dawson family. "7:30 mayor stephanie rawlings blake, congressman cummings, a representative from governor o'malley's office, community leaders and dignitaries and the children that participate in the safe haven center will be here together, memorializing this 10th anniversary and our loss of the family here in east baltimore. >> reporter: tell me about the center, and what you do.
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you take in a tragedy and turned it in to something good. >> the children come to us when school is dismissed for tutoring, mentoring, learning how to socialize in their community, teach them things as far as spanish, they have classes they come in on fridays, we work with all of the school work, every suggest area to help them enhance what they are learning in the school system as well as the parochial schools. >> reporter: it's been ten years since their deaths, what do you want the community to know? >> we want the community to know, that because of the tragedy, we have to live here, we have to get along, most importantly like we teach the children here, that you have to respect each other. just because it's a surroundings that you hear negativity about, there are
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more positive things in the community. s that adults work together, support the center, and help us raise the children with positive thoughts in their mind that this is and will be a better community. >> thank you pam for talking to us. that event kicks off at 6:30 tonight, right here on preston street, should be a very momentous occasion. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. october is breast cancer air wareness month. we will tell you how to get involved as baltimore gets ready to turn pink. there is still time to register for the walk, it's happening in hunt valley. after the mild winter last year, could things be different this time around? that could be the case according to one team of scientists. 55 degrees right now, annapolis, 48 degrees in westminster with the winds west at 9 miles an hour. if you want to get the conditions where you live, all you have to to is go to our app store and download the apps.
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good morning maryland will be right back.
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baltimore county is turning pink. today, ahead of the race for the cure, there is going to be a pink pep rally in the historic courthouse in baltimore county. leaders are going to be there to promote the excitement of raising funds to find a cure. the maryland race for the cure that takes place in hunt valley sunday, october 21st. you have time, find all the information everything you need to know on the website, pink. get ready to pull out the warm pjs and hot cocoa, we could be in for a long cold and snowy winter. using super computers, a japanese agency is seeing interesting patterns forming that could bring heav


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